North American Projects


Deep History of Copper Mining – Through a new collaborative research project, I explore how community organization in copper-rich landscapes changed throughout prehistory and early historic periods. Copper was an important resource for Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands, particularly as symbols of power and spirituality. The procurement of southern Appalachian resources has been poorly understood. By monitoring how the intersection of copper and communities in southern Appalachia changed throughout the Woodland, Mississippian, and historic periods, this project casts new light on dynamic economic, ideological, and political systems in the past.



Exchange Systems and Costly Signals – I have investigated the distribution and movement of exotic objects throughout the Interior Northwest during the Late Archaic. I also have worked on archaeological projects in Oregon.



Killarney Bay Shell Beads – I have analyzed shell beads from the Middle Woodland site of Killarney Bay in Ontario. I have also worked on several historic sites around Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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